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Ghost in My House - Horror short film series produced by Fire Haste Pictures
Filmed and edited by Angel Kunev
Starring Alexandra Firsova and Totka Stoyanova

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" After turning the key of an old music box, Alex is caught in the trap of Kasdeya. Using Alex`s favorite childhood doll, the demon becomes more and more powerful over her. " Written and directed by Angel Kunev

More about the story and upcoming Ghost in My House - Last Day and Ghost in My House - The Beginning  : Hundreds of years ago, Torah is the priest who locked Kasdeya, the fifth Satan, in a specially crafted for her musical box. Keeping the secret about this, Torah is at his final moments of life, speaking with a young orphan man named Chris, which he raised from little boy. Torah gives the box to Chris and is explaining all about it and telling him to keep it hidden also to not allow people who don’t believe in God to look at it or even touch the key o…

Samsara - Composed by Simeon Dotkov / Bulgaria

" Samsara " Album composed by Simeon Dotkov
Genre : #Classical, #Dramatic, #Neoclassical #Action
Samsara is the musical representation of the #world we live in, inspired by the #Buddhist traditions of #Tibet, it delivers an eastern feel of adventure and #drama. Simeon Dotkov's neoclassic sound is often dynamic and energetic, but sometimes becomes slow and dramatic, enabling the audience to feel the pain of Samsara and cleanse the spirit for pain and pleasure are two sides of the same coin and must remain in balance.

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Produced by Fire Haste Music

Country : Bulgaria
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