Ghost in My House - Short horror film by Angel Kunev

Ghost in My House - Short horror film by Angel Kunev
A story about demon, called Kasdeya, which hundreds of years ago was locked by the priest Torah, in a special crafted music box for her. Alex is a 33 years old female, non-believer in god with an alternative view on life and nowadays while hurrying for work she sees the music box in the local antique shop and strange things begins to happen.
WATCH ONLINE HERE : Info : Genre : Horror, Country : Bulgaria, Director / Producer : Angel Kunev
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About the series : Hundreds of years ago, Torah is the priest who locked Kasdeya, the fifth Satan, in a specially crafted for her musical box. Keeping the secret about this, Torah is at his final moments of life, speaking with a young orphan man named Chris, which he raised from little boy. Torah gives the box to Chris and is explaining all about it and telling him to keep it hidden also to not allow people who don’t believe in God to look at it or even touch the key of the box f…


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sounded by " The Moment " composed by Angel Kunev


Music written and composed by Angel Kunev 
Mastered by Angel Kunev
Published by Fire Haste Music
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