Code of Ethics - Composed by Angel Kunev / Bulgaria

Finallywe can proudly announce the release date of
"Code of Ethics "31/05/2019     Album contains 8 abstract electronic soundtracks performed on analogue and fm synthesizers produced mainly for action / sci-fi genre media or motion picture film. 
Deep synthetic sound design and intense atmospheres designed and performed by Angel Kunev produced by Fire Haste Music
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Ghost in My House - Amazon Prime

Ghost in My House - Horror short film series produced by Fire Haste Pictures
Filmed and edited by Angel Kunev
Starring Alexandra Firsova and Totka Stoyanova

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" After turning the key of an old music box, Alex is caught in the trap of Kasdeya. Using Alex`s favorite childhood doll, the demon becomes more and more powerful over her. "
Written and directed by Angel Kunev

More about the story and upcoming Ghost in My House - Last Day and Ghost in My House - The Beginning  :
Hundreds of years ago, Torah is the priest who locked Kasdeya, the fifth Satan, in a specially crafted for her musical box. Keeping the secret about this, Torah is at his final moments of life, speaking with a young orphan man named Chris, which he raised from little boy. Torah gives the box to Chris and is explaining all about it and telling him to keep it hidden also to not allow people who don’t believe in God to look at it or even touch the key of the box for any reason. On his final words Torah said to Chris that if this to ever happen, the person who turns the key will hear the box’s song of great torment. Evil will appear in flesh, and they will be confined in Kasdeya`s trap forever. Not long after Father Torah's death, the church was robbed and burned down so the box ends up on the antique market. Present days, Alex is a 33 year old, non-believer, but with an alternative view on life. She is rushing to go to work, crosses the street towards the local antique shop on the corner of the street. Alex caught a glimpse of the box, stops and looks in. Staring at the unusual music box on the window display and stunned by the melody of the box that only she can hear, Alex buys the box. Arriving at her place of work, she begins to behave strangely and aggressively towards her friends and colleagues. When her boss sees her and the way she is acting, he sends her away for the rest of the day. On her way to home she is trying withstand what she hears, sees and feels. Through Alex's favorite childhood doll, the evil energy from the box starts to take control over Alex and makes her turn the key. As Alex turns the key, her soul leaves her body and remains in captivity to the evil Kasdeya forever.
Written by Angel Kunev
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