Ghost in My House | Upstate NY Horror Film Festival

Upstate NY Horror Film Fest 6th anniversaryOur short horror film Ghost in My House got selected to be screen in USA / NEW YORK as part of the program of  6th year anniversary for Upstate NY Horror Film Fest!

- After turning the key of an old music box, Alex is caught in ghost dimension trap with the demon Kasdeya.- By Angel Kunev

Location and Time of screening for Upstate NY Horror Film Festival :
The Cinema Theater is located at 957 S Clinton Ave, Rochester NY 14620. - October 11th and all day Saturday, October 12th, 2019 along with a closing day Sunday October 13th, 2019.

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Polenar's AK Setup - Zastava M70

 " The Chamber " for POLENAR`S M70 set up promo video.

Music composed by Jacques-Laurent Benech

Zastava M70 is an assault rifle developed and produced in Yugoslavia (now Kragujevac, Serbia) by Zastava Arms company. The design of the M70 is based on modified Soviet AK-47 and AKM assault rifles. Zastava M70 or sometimes also called the "yugo AK" is gas-operated and uses the long stroke piston system for operation. It can be easily recognized by the folding grenade sight that also serves as a gas cut-off, plastic ergonomic pistol grip and it's distinctive three hole front handguard. The M70 ab2 is a paratrooper version with the underfolding buttstock.
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