" Falling in Dream " Selected for Sci-fi Soundtracks #spotify playlist by Invadable Harmony

 " Falling in Dream " Composed by Angel Kunev, Alen Constantine and Yuki Funakoshi is selected for " Sci-fi Soundtracks " playlist by INVADABLE HARMONY Release cover :  Playlist cover :  Listen " Falling in Dream " at :  Itunes   - Deezer  - Tidal  - Amazon Music Buy it at : Itunes  - Amazon Follow Invadable Harmony at :  FACEBOOK / INVADABLE HARMONY  - TWITTER / INVADABLE HARMONY  - INSTAGRAM / INVADABLE HARMONY 2021

" Steep Slopes " Was selected for Ambient Syndrome by the online magazine Last Day Deaf

Ambient Syndrome is all about atmosphere & mood. 
Reading about the term of ambient music we find: “...a genre of instrumental music that focuses on sound patterns more than melodic form and is used to create a certain atmosphere or state of mind….” 
Are you ready for the trip?

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